After 311 stairs, panting all the way, my unfit body finally reached the top of the monument. The monument was finished in 1677 and commemorates the Great Fire of London. The column stands in the spot the fire started and was designed by London famous architects Sir Christopher Wren and Dr. Robert Hooke.


Christopher Wren is renowned for the designs of many buildings in London including the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral, Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, Chelsea Hospital to name a few.

Robert Hooke is responsible for Bethlem Hospital, Greenwich Observatory, Royal College of Physicians and  collaborated with Christopher Wren on St Paul’s Cathedral. There are lots of memorials to Robert Hooke around the city and indeed, the country. One in Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s, and of course on the Monument.


The Great Fire of London began on 2 September 1666 in a bakers and lasted for 3 days. It took out the City of London building, thousands of houses and parishes. Although it must be higher, the recorded death toll is found to be only a handful of people. The fire started on Pudding Lane and spread for days and was only stopped when firefighters began tearing down buildings in order to stop it catching. The monument is  61 metres high – the exact distance between it and the site in Pudding Lane where the fire began. Crowned at the top a blazing golden orb representing the fire.


The views are fantastic, the stairs going up are not.

Having just been up the Shard the night before, I wasn’t feeling too excited about the aerial views/photos but for the price – (£3 compared to £25 at the Shard) you cant argue. Also the benefits of the Monument is that you are amidst the other buildings rather than being so far up, also the history of the building is just all around you. As well as all this you get a certificate at the end to say you have climbed up 311 stairs (which, after panting my way up I was quite proud to receive!)




Don’t forget to get your certificate on your way out

£2 concession rate (bargain!)

Go walk across Tower Bridge afterwards and have food on the River

Make sure you stop and pretend to take ‘arty’ instagram photos like this, to cover up you really just wanting to take a break and get your breath back. (I am so unfit!)



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